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O Calpe Song


Verse 1

Calpe, oh Calpe, there's thunder at your feet, - 11
Your ancient rock looks calmly on - 8
Your foolish foe's defeat. - 6
Your ancient rock in regal glance - 8
Surveys the western waves - 6
The distant clouds are growing large / dark - 8
With promised rain perchance - 6

Verse 2

Calpe, oh Calpe, the fluttering clouds of sail - a
Britannia's flag, salvation's wings - b
Will never Calpe fail. - a
The black unholy raven wings - b
Cover with falling night
The pale sailor's death & broken hulls
The howling throat that sings - b

Verse 3

Calpe, oh Calpe, waves rising to the sky
The debris of their broken ships
Our foe now cannot fly
Waves bursting crash, the swell now dips
And onward, onward roars
To crash again with anger fierce
And bruise their battered lips

Verse 4

Calpe, oh Calpe, a mighty army stands
Now covering our sacred shore
Fiery mouths and cruel hands
Spain and France join'ed as before
Banners high swim in the tide
This terrible squadron in the bay
To wound us to the core [To bind us with iron bands]

Verse 5

Calpe, oh Calpe, the night is filled with storms
They come these masters of the seas
Cold breasts and fearless forms
Again they come to see us freed
They are Albion's offspring
With deadly power they approach
To aid us in our need

Verse 6

Calpe, oh Calpe, vainly strive envious night
The shadows of your raven plumage
Can't hide proud Calpe's might
Nor stop the bard's glimmering message
Which tells our great venture
To beat this fearless enemy
Their cold cruel visage

Verse 7

Calpe, oh Calpe, vainly cries the wind's bride
Raging mountainous waves now roar
Let Howe the tamer ride
His hero squadron this world o'er
Is known and feared by all
This forest of masts, France and Spain
Yet cannot hold our shore

Verse 8


Verse 9

Calpe, oh Calpe, your fearsome strength renewed
Elliot, hero of Fingal's land
Is still as human viewed
While fearsome fires of war are fanned
The rock of rocks stands firm
And in the gruesome work of death
He'll soon victorious stand

Verse 10

Calpe, oh Calpe, as brothers now embrace
Our hero brother's strength to share
Gladly to see his face
Our absent mother yet with care
Sent us aid in our need
And now [surround] declares the glorious man
You'll win if you will dare
[Who did not fear the race / Who turned not from the race ]

Verse 11

Calpe, oh Calpe, the bard now hopeful sings
Of this great tree which gives Earth shade
Yet not as mortal strings
Eternal fruit that does not fade
Will glow and give Earth light
To remember with gratitude
The price that has been paid


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