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Bright Star Baroque


The bright star said, "Hey! I'm new born today,
Fierce, hot and gleaming, to shine in the sky,
There's a task for me, to guide
to the new born King of Kings,
A group of weary travellors, who gold,
myhrr and incense bring".

Verse 1

I came alive just recently,
The moment of His birth
Was when I was created
To shine above the earth

Verse 2

Then my creator spoke to me
Gave me the special task
To shine out brightest showing
All lights His victory o'er the dark

Verse 3

And far below this Mighty God
Clothed in a human form
Received His kingly visitors
The heralds of the storm

Verse 4

We all hid our light, although we knew
His death was not in vain
His risen promise He will keep
That He will come again

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