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Early this year Robin travelled to China for an Odyssey. The tour included Hong Kong, Guilin, Xi'an, Shanghai, Wuxi, Souzhou, Nanjing and Beijing.

On the boat ride in Guilin through the misty mountains he took the opportunity to sing a few songs for fellow travellers. Along with several other members of the travel group Robin enjoyed a health giving visit to the local hospital of Guilin where he was given an excellent foot massage by one of their highly skilled students.

In Xi'an Robin found an opportunity to train with Qi Gung Master Mr Hou in the grounds of the Little Grey Goose Pagoda. The Terracotta Warriors of Xi'an are spectacular to see close up. In Nanjing a wild rickshaw ride through the old town was shared with experienced traveller Arthur. The local people responded very warmly to our calls of "Hello, hello!".

In Beijing the stunningly spectacular Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China were enough to take one's breath away. The deeply moving experience of our walk through Tiennanmen Square with its terrible history and the poignant image of the solitary man in front of the line of tanks reminds us of the fragility of life and the magnificent quality of courage. We also walked the "Sacred Way" to the Ming Emperors' tombs past the guardians, with the opportunity to touch the turtle's head or tail.

Robin attended the Starfury [17th March] and the Odyssey [5th May] Sci-Fi Conventions, as well as the South Eastern Writers Association conference [31st March].

Robin has performed his songs at two concerts jointly sponsored by Musicians Union and Amnesty International. These concerts were held at the Reading Oracle in the open alongside the River Kennet. It can be reported happily that the sun came out to warm these occasions and the people gathered around to listen. There was dancing in the streets!

5th Oct 2013 - Performance of original new musical work 'O Calpe' - Gibraltar at the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford, lyric and music by Robin Willow, orchestral arrangement by Mr Chris Elliott, choral arrangements by Mr Max Somerset, with the Amadeus Orchestra, the Berkshire Youth Choir performing choruses, solo voice Robin Willow, conductor Mr Philip Mackenzie.

Song lists 19th May 2001 2nd June 2001
Dark Star at Sunset Dark Star at Sunset
Come a Little Closer Come a Little Closer
Old Cold Heart Old Cold Heart
Very Pretty in Lace Very pretty in Lace
Alone With You Alone With You
Heartache Not Heartbreak Heartache Not Heartbreak
One Man All Alone One Man All Alone
Last Legion Last Legion
For Spain and Her Alone For Spain and Her Alone
Heart of English Oak Why So Sad
Dancer Dancer
Wheat That Springeth Green
Dark Eyes Smiling

Robin, being a well known songwriter, also attended the Ivor Novello Awards at the end of May. At that event the achievements of songwriters and composers are acknowledged.

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