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words and music by Charles


Nicodemus was a Pharisee,
wah, wah, a ruler of the Jews
He liked the sound of Jesus and His views
He came by night for fear the other rulers, wah, wah
Would get to hear the news
That he was talking to the King of the Jews
A disciple but a secret one at that

Jesus cut right through the ice
But gave him very strange advice,
"You must be born again"
Nick he didn't understand and said to Jesus
"Show your hand, I want to know!"

Jesus then explained again
It isn't a physical birth I mean
It's one that's in your heart

Jesus didn't choose the words to use,
wah, wah! in order to confuse
He offered Nicodemus the good news
That on the cross He died to set men loose, quite free
But you've got ta believe it
What He says is simple. can you trust Him?
You may have brains as well
But you gotta have faith

The trouble begins when you try to say
Heavenly things in an earthly way
Let Jesus show you

Perhaps you think this song is rather light,
wah, wah! don't let it fool you
I didn't come and sing just to amuse you
Remember who took Jesus to the tomb
You see he'd had to choose
To either follow Jesus or refuse to
Make sure that Nicodemus is like you

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(C) (P) Copyright 1998 Robin Willow. All Rights Reserved World Wide.

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