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Robin Willow

Light in My Darkness, Beauty in my Wilderness

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Wheat That Springeth Green
True love cannot be killed

heart2.gif (1517 bytes) Just a Little Kindness
We can be kind to each other
heart3.gif (1533 bytes) You Touched My Heart
A tale to be told
heart4.gif (1511 bytes) Old Cold Heart
But taking the risk is worthwhile
heart5.gif (1527 bytes) One Man All Alone
He stood there bravely all alone
heart6.gif (1530 bytes) Nicodemus
One brave man Vs the authorities
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The Magic of Menorca
Proud island people

heart8.gif (1500 bytes) Petal Fall
I love to dance, so let's dance
heart9.gif (1526 bytes) Why So Sad
Someone cares about you
heart10.gif (1557 bytes) Gleaming Spires
New York in the early light
heart11.gif (1508 bytes) Restless Hearts
I always knew someday you'd leave me
heart12.gif (1542 bytes) Happiness and the Gentle Heart
Comfort from a true friend
heart13.gif (1556 bytes) Texas, Earl of Caversham
A very curly tail about a cat

"The future looks bright":- Ludwig

"Deserves to be played":- SPINS

"The music is top class":- Bill Miller

"Contains some magical moments":- TAPLAS

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(C) (P) Copyright 1998 Robin Willow. All Rights Reserved World Wide.

These songs are all copyright and may not be used without permission from Dragonar Records

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