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Dragons Beat

Verse 1

I just like to pretend, it’s a game
For favours and for show
A dissembler at heart, and in name
The songs I sing, the pleasure I bring
Good friends who care, a talent that’s rare
Yet nothing lasts for ever, as all must grow


Listen to the beat of a hidden drum
Listen to the message hidden deep within
Listen to the beat of a hiddendrum
Learning the secrets of the future yet to come

Verse 2

But I learned how to watch, and to listen
To now the message drum
A grapevine picker, seeing what’s hidden
A lonely life, try to hide from strife
Yet I’m misunderstood, and they see no good
Who am I to complain tho’ my bad time’s come


A golden fire dragon dream
A golden fire dragon dream
A dream, a dream, a dream, a dream
A golden fire dragon dream

Verse 3

I stole a fire dragon’s egg by chance
And now my dream’s come true
As I lead our foes a merry dance
I came through alive, many perils survive
New friends I win, my new life begin
A minstrel’s job now for me to do

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(C) (P) Copyright 1996 Robin Willow. All Rights Reserved World Wide.

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