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Dragons Song

Verse 1

From the egg I knew you
Joined you mind to mind
Love bond between mankind and dragon
Formed on the hatching ground then I gazed


I gaze into your whirling eyes
And know we’ll fly between, between
Dragon . . . . . . . . . . . . take me where I want to go
On this strange planet there is beauty to be seen

Verse 2

Blue or brown, bronze or golden
Great winged creatures flying
Bearing their partners
Leaping space and time
To save their land from dying So I gaze

Verse 5

The bronze flies the golden queen
Dragon men go partners seeking
From hold and craft hall
Lads and lasses
To wait for the dragon hatching then I’ll gaze

Verse 3

Across the dark of space and time
Thread like spores are drifting
Hungry for all things
Life disolving
From the silent red star threatening

Verse 4

Crossing space in an instant
Feed your dragon with firestone

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