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Alone With you

Verse 1

It's not that I'm saying "perfect love"
Or "a moon that gleams in heaven above"
But life should have a little pleasure
A laugh, some cheer, moments to treasure
So it's enough to know you care
Of happy times we'll have our share
When I'm alone with you, when I'm alone with you


So perfect love is good for dreams
We're told they can come true
But all I really want is
just to be alone with you

Verse 2

I knew It when Your eyes met mine
That magic moment the surest sign
So here and now our friendship starts
The seed is sown and grows in our hearts
Your kindly voice, your warm caress
That soothes me when I'm in distress
And I'm alone with you, and I'm alone with you

Chorus, then repeat Verse 1 and Chorus

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