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No Special Reason


There's no special reason why I love you
There's no special reason why I care
No reason why I need to be with you
I only know that if you call me I'll be there

Verse 1

We met once a long time ago, That's when our love began
Just one look was all it took
In the heat of the day, so much to say
Then you told me that you care for me
And will cool me with your fan

Verse 2

You asked me to remember you, and sent a silver ring
'Cos you weren't free to be with me
In the heat of the day, so far away
I cannot forget that moment when we met
your love made my heart sing


I need no special reason when walking in the night
There is no special reason why I long to hold you tight
There's no special reason for me to write to you
But to tell you that I love you
and that my heart is true

Verse 3

Our story isn't over yet, I'm waiting for you still
you'll be mine for all time
In the heat of the day, together we'll lay
and this passion we'll find, we'll always be kind
These longings we'll fulfill

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