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Por Espana y Solo Ella


Verse 1

Snap your fingers senorita
Play the castanets for me
For tomorrow morn at daybreak
I shall be away to see
I shall board my Spanish galleon
Sail into the world unknown . .
Face the challenge of the waters
Fight for Spain and her alone


Wait for me senorita
Wait for me ‘til I return
Since however far I travel
Always for you my heart will yearn
Oh my lovely senorita . . . . . . . . . wait for me ‘til I return

Verse 2

In strange hills my voice will echo
Many marvels will I see
My weapons bear in honour
With great deeds of bravery
As we overcome each kingdom
And each gold encrusted throne
Many people’s hearts to conquer
Won for Spain and her alone

Verse 3

You stand smiling by the harbour
as I bring my gold ashore
Soon we will be together and
We’ll have children we’ll adore
Then we often will remeber
How the world our might was shown
Bold conquistadores proclaiming
Love for Spain and her alone

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