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Robin Willow

Dark Eyes, Soft Hair, Sweet kisses beyond compare

No Special Reason
Based on Reality
Por Espana y Solo Ella
The Conquistadores seek gold
Alone With You
A bottle of Parfait Amour
The Most Beautiful Girl
Lovely Spanish girls
To See You
Quietly you trembled
Canvey Island Girls
Based on the island history
In My Dreams
If wishes were horses
Very Pretty In Lace
She was painting the front door
Dark Eyes Smiling
The irresistable kiss
Wendy, It's Time To Go
The kiss that is resisted

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Comment and Reviews
"The future looks bright":- Ludwig

"Deserves to be played":- SPINS

"The music is top class":- Bill Miller

"Contains some magical moments":- TAPLAS


(C) (P) Copyright 1996 Robin Willow. All Rights Reserved World Wide.

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