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Come a Little Closer

Verse 1

And I knew I liked you
When we were together
Somehow my heart was warmed
As we talked about the weather


But will you come a little closer
And stay here by my side
I thought I could never ask you
I just blame my foolish pride
Please come a little closer
I like to feel you near
You have become a friend of mine
I need you to be here

Verse 2

I was warmed by your gentleness
When you were beside me
‘Cos there you chose to stay
Being with you I was happy

Verse 3

As we sat together there
Like longtime lovers do
Talking of our hopes born
From when the world was new

Verse 4

An aching in my heart
Enchantment in my eyes
You give a gentle wink
And I long to win the prize


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