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Win One for Me

Verse 1

The play had run it's course
And the player done his best
Time had come to leave the stage
For the actor it's time to rest
And this leader of a mighty land
Said farewell with a friendly hand


But when times are tough
And you think you've had enough
Remember what I say
For wherever I am I' I I see
So try to win, try to win, try to win one for me

Verse 2

The grand sweet song began
For this all American boy
Thru college to the radio show
But football was his pride and joy
On the silver screen he found a pearl
And so it's true he always got the girl

Verse 3

He said "I'm an ordinary man
With the fresh air of common sense
I will do all that can be done
To rebuild American excellence
So our heroic dreams can be a certainty
Let the people ring the Bell of Liberty"

Verse 4

The man could joke and smile
Yet try to win each victory
So he negotiated hard
And won his place in history
Now they can wander down a leafy lane
He and his Nancy hand in hand again


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(C) (P) Copyright 1996 Robin Willow. All Rights Reserved World Wide.

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