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Last Legion

Verse 1

There is a moment, early morn,
Before the battle’s rising storm
I face my terrors of the night
One last time I’ll rise to fight
But I know deep down inside
You’ll wait for me, you always tried


We’ll chance our arm this one last time
Go into danger one last time
We are Last Legion,
Last Legion, Last Legion
In glory light our names will shine

Verse 2

The comrades too I stand beside
The ones remembered who have died
Great dangers faced, as yet again
We soldier on despite the pain
They share this hope that you will wait
And not abandon to my fate

Verse 3

So fear and pain are distant thought
A future hope so dearly bought
While in my heart I feel you near
You look towards my distant star
And in its light I now prepare
To win this fight, to do, to dare

Verse 4

Across the years of space we fly
Into the realms of cold and death
The strangeness of this distant sky
And frosty whispers of our breath
If hope survives another day
My feet will yet return your way

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(C) (P) Copyright 1996 Robin Willow. All Rights Reserved World Wide.

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