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Whisper In The Wind


On the banks of the mighty Nile
When the wind whispers through the reeds
Then I will sing my song for Egypt
Of the beauty that my spirit feeds
For my name is Nefertari, Queen of the Nile
Strength of your spirit, warmth of your smile

Verse 1

The desert sands and flooding Nile
Beauty we shared our whole life through
Colours so rich, our golden days
Happy and pleased to be with you

Verse 2

Now arm in arm together we walk
Happily through the garden of sighs
Scented blossoms that cover our path
Warms my heart, the love in your eyes

Verse 3

So we shall sing our beautiful song
Reeds part on the banks of the Nile
And now just a whisper in the wind
The sound of our hearts for a while

But listen now for the sound of our hearts
As the reeds part of the banks of the Nile
And we shall sing, and our beautiful song
Will be just a whisper in the wind

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(C) (P) Copyright 1996 Robin Willow. All Rights Reserved World Wide.

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